List of Plugins That Can Increase the Performance of a WordPress blog

In managing a wordpress blog, we don’t have to focus too much on increasing traffic, but also pay attention to the performance of the wordpress blog to improve the user experience of every visitor who comes. In improving the performance of a wordpress blog, there are several important points that must be considered which consist of SPAM filter, website speed, image regularity, security, 404-page settings, neatness & style of articles, email subscriber structure and so on. therefore, additional plugins are needed that can increase the convenience for all visitors who come. Here is a list of plugins that I personally recommend.

TinyMCE WordPress Plugin

TinyMCE plugin can make it easier for article writers on wordpress blogs to style the articles being written. This plugin will automatically add some writing features such as

  • undo & redo.
  • makes it easy to create tables without having to manually code HTML.
  • emoticon.
  • Tag read more.
  • full screen.
  • has a feature setting font family and font size
  • Added more complete formatting features
  • There is a page break feature
  • and so forth

TinyMCE plugin is a plugin that currently has more than 1 million active installs and is very helpful for all bloggers in the process of writing an article on their wordpress blog.

Download TinyMCE


The SPAMMER is a catastrophe in itself in the world of internet and a lot of trouble for bloggers in general. My blog, which is only one month old, has more than 30 high hyperlinked spam comments consisting of spam from pornographic websites, spam from pirated file websites and spam from strong medicine websites. This really annoyed me with him. Therefore, I installed a plugin that can automatically filter spam comments based on language relevance, hyperlink height and topic relevance of the comments. The plugin that I use is the Akismet plugin, this plugin can not only make your blog more professional because it is free from SPAM, but it can also protect your blog’s SEO.

Download Askimet

Wordfence Security Plugin

Although the selfhosting wordpress platform already has basic embedded security. However, this is not enough to secure your wordpress blog, given the proliferation of hackers scattered around the internet. For this reason, a more advanced security plugin is needed to secure your wordpress blog, which includes scanning, login security, firewalls, preventing the injection of malware, viruses, fake google bots and so on. For a more complete explanation, see the following link: 4 Best WordPress Security Plugins

Download the Wordfence Plugin

W3 Total Cache Plugin

The loading speed of a blog is one of the essential user experience points to note. Try to imagine my friend, how will your blog readers feel at home if your blog has very slow loading. In addition, blogs that have slow loading speeds will automatically have a very low bounce rate because the majority of readers will be lazy to open other articles and immediately stop their sessions as readers. So this is where the W3 Total Cache plugin plays a role, it will create static HTML pages or create “Static files” in the cache folder so that when accessed by crawler bots and visitors, the loading will be faster.

Download W3 Total Cache

Lightbox 2 Plugin

In making an article, writers often put an image in the article so that it can be more easily understood by readers. Sometimes the images in the article need to be enlarged so that they can be seen more clearly. However, in standard wordpress, every image that is clicked to be enlarged will be taken to another page so that it will make the readers of the article a bit inconvenient because they have to change the page first before enlarging the image. If you install this lightbox plugin, then the image can be enlarged without having to switch to another page. In addition, this plugin will also create a beautiful responsive image frame so that it can increase the professional value of your wordpress blog.

Email Subscribers Plugin

If your blog has engaging, unique, informative and knowledgeable articles, then day by day your blog will have more and more fans of its own. Therefore, additional plugins are needed to attract these fans so that they don’t have to be tired of opening your blog first to make sure if there are any new articles from your blog. In addition, this email subscriber can also build a separate relationship with fans so that they are always updated and get the latest information about your blog which will be sent to their respective emails.

Download the Email Subscribers Plugin


Smart 404 Plugin

If a visitor clicks on a broken link or 404  page that has no content at all. So what comes to his mind is maybe your blog is down, the blog is dead, the domain is expired and so on. To prevent this, the plugin is required to bring it to another page based on the typo url keyword. I recommend the smart 404 plugin rather than redirect to the homepage. because smart 404 can be more helpful for visitors to find the article they want based on the typo url keyword.

Download the Smart 404

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