Right Tricks to be accepted as a publisher by Google AdSense

In today’s era, the development of information technology is growing rapidly; this is also accompanied by an increase in the number of new bloggers from all over the world. Therefore, getting approval from Google Adsense is not an easy matter. Adsense is increasingly selective and strict in selecting prospective blogs who will become their publisher partners. For this reason, careful preparation is needed before submitting an application as a publisher on Google Adsense. Here I will explain the right tricks to be accepted as a publisher partner by Google Adsense.


Does not contain copyrighted content, both text, video, and images

Copyright or copyright issues are the first things that must be considered. There are lots of bloggers who don’t realize this. Examples of cases that, I often encounter are many bloggers who are lazy to create their own images and take them from Google images. They don’t even care that the images they take are copyrighted. Besides, it is highly emphasized not to copy other people’s content at all. Because this will not only result in your blog being rejected by Adsense but also dangerous for blog SEO in the future. Therefore, make sure all of your blogs do not have other people’s copyrighted content. So, the selection process from Google Adsense will be smoothed later.


Has Content That Follows Google Adsense TOS

Before applying to blog for google AdSense, make sure that your blog content has followed the TOS of Google Adsense. If you have a blog with adult content, gambling, sex toys, illegal downloads, hacking tutorials, copyrighted wallpapers, and so on, then you will be sure that your blog will not be accepted by Google. However, Google provides exceptions for educational adult content. The next thing to pay attention to is never to ever try to make an external link from your blog to an illegal website as I explained above because this will make your blog submission rejected.


Content-Rich Blog

Make sure your blog has a lot of interesting content so that it can be reviewed by the Google AdSense team because they really provide enormous value to the content of a blog in selecting their potential publisher. Make sure all grammar and spelling of the content are correct. Besides, published articles must be easy to understand and have knowledge or information value for your blog readers.


Regarding the minimum number of blog posts, Google has made no statement about this. However, I personally suggest around 40-50 posts is sufficient. The most important thing is that the content is original, very informative, valuable, and not careless.


Create a Page About Privacy Policy

To be honest, I found these tips from senior webmasters at Reddit and the wjunction.com forum, based on their experience, blogs that have a page privacy policy are approved by Google faster than those that don’t. State in your blog’s privacy policy page regarding cookies and web beacons used, the log file system mechanism, and don’t forget to tell readers that the log file data from visitors will not be leaked or sold to third parties.


A good privacy policy also provides an overview of what readers will get from your blog. So in essence, this privacy policy has the intention of stating that your blog is not a scam blog as well as providing a sense of professionalism in running a blog.


Creating an About Page or Us

About page or about us is a special page that aims to explain clearly about your blog, be it niche, content, about the author, and so on. Don’t forget to include your contact person in the form of a full name and email to make it easier for the Google AdSense team in the data verification process. So that the AdSense reviewer team can easily ensure that the applicant’s data to google Adsense matches the data of the blog owner.


Not Installing other Network Ad Providers when applying

If your blog is being posted ads from other providers such as propeller, Chitika, revenue hits, popads, and others, then when submitting google adsense, all of them should be removed and not installed until the team from google adsense replies to your submission. Although, in their TOS they allow google adsense ads to be mixed with other ads. However, this trick is just a precaution. Because usually, most publishers prefer that only ads from their network are installed on a blog.


Create a Professional Blog Design

Apart from content, adsense really pays attention to the appearance of a blog. Make sure your blog’s design is not cluttered, neatly organized, has good navigation, has an organized image layout, and has a responsive theme. An attractive, clean, and neat design is highly appreciated and has its own consideration by the google adsense reviewer team. For those who don’t have a good and responsive theme or template, you can get it for free at the link below:

1. Top 10 Cool, Responsive, and SEO friendly WordPress Themes

2. 10 Best Blogger Templates with attractive and responsive designs

Don’t Use Paid Traffic

As we know, there are a lot of paid traffic services that are spread on the internet. In fact, the traffic they send is fake and it will do more harm than good. I strongly suggest to my friend not to ever use this kind of service. Because this not only makes your blog rejected by Google AdSense but will also get a bonus penalty from Google Penguin so that the SEO that has been built so far will be destroyed. Apart from paid traffic, try not to get traffic from illegal websites. For example, pornographic websites, gambling, sex toys, illegal downloads, hacking tutorials, copyrighted wallpapers, and so on.


Those are some surefire tips and tricks to be accepted as a publisher on google adsense. I hope your blog will be accepted by adsense and immediately enjoy the benefits of each blog. 🙂 

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