Top 10 Cool, Responsive and SEO friendly WordPress Themes

For those of you who have limited funds for your blog, but want a theme with a premium design, this article is perfect for you. Here you can find the best SEO optimized WordPress themes for 2020. Actually, there are lots of free, cool, attractive, and responsive designs created by premium developers as a means of promoting the theme products they offer. Here is a list of Top 10 free premium WordPress themes that I have summarized and can be used for free for your WordPress blog in the trial version. The Responsive and SEO friendly WordPress Themes are listed further below in this article.
Now let’s move to the list of Top 10 Cool, Responsive, and SEO Optimized WordPress Templates. All the links are from the official page and we do not sell any of them.


Ribbon – Mythemeshop – Free WordPress Themes

Ribbon WordPress theme

The ribbon is a free premium WordPress theme created by the developer mythemeshop, this free theme is made especially for bloggers who want a beautiful design but light on memory. Here are some of the features that have been installed on the theme ribbon:

> This theme is equipped with HTML5 $ CSS3
> Ribbon Lite theme is a 100% free WordPress theme
> It is highly versatile and fit for use in multiple blogging niches
> It is skilfully developed with excellent SEO features and lightning-fast speed
> Responsive for all gadgets
> Has many theme options that make it easier to design your own.
> SEO Friendly
> Adsense Optimized
> Speed Optimized
> Unlimited background options and unlimited color option
> Already equipped directly with related post

Colormag – ThemeGrill

Colormag WordPress Theme

Colormag is a magazine-styled theme designed attractively and responsively by ThemeGrill developers in May 2015. This theme is simply gorgeous and has tons of featured post options, and additional widgets. Besides that Colormag is also equipped with unlimited color and font styles, making it easier for users to change the style at will. Colormag has the coolest design for example, above figure. The following are the features that have been installed on Colormag:

> The theme is equipped with HTML5
> Responsive for all gadgets
> Equipped with a beautiful featured slider
> It has been equipped directly with social media icons
> SEO Friendly
> Custom Menu
> Has an ad widget feature
> Dem

Sparkling – Colorlib

Sparkling is a free premium theme created by colorlib developers. This theme is equipped with retina ready which makes the design very clear and smooth. For bloggers who want a free theme that is equipped with a retina and is responsive, this sparkling is perfect for you. The following features are embedded in the Sparkling theme.

> Responsive & Flat Design
> Equipped with an Infinite Scroll which can make your blog easy to load
> Can be integrated with Woocomerce
> SEO Friendly
> Perfectly Compatible with SEO Plugins like W3 Total Cache, WordPress SEO plugins, etc.
> Has unlimited color designs
> comes with a Theme Option

Hueman – Alx

Actually, this blog uses the Hueman theme. My choice fell to the Hueman theme because it has so many options that make it easier for me to set it up. Both of these themes are SEO Friendly Ready without the need to set more headings. These three themes are very light and not too burdensome for RAM if we buy hosting with a very small space. Here are the features that are embedded in the Hueman theme by ALX the Swedish developer.

> Very SEO Friendly
> Straightforward Code
> Responsive
> Has many menus in the theme options
> Has a child theme support feature
> Custom Page Templates

Masonic – ThemeGrill

For friends who have traveling blogs, portfolios, and so on, I highly recommend this free premium theme from ThemeGrill. This theme is very unique and has a style that is somewhat similar to Pinterest, it looks very clear and the design is pleasing to the eye. The following features are in this Masonic theme:

> Responsive
> Retina Ready
> Custom CSS
> SEO Friendly
> Custom Menu
> Translational Ready

Prologue – ThemeUm

The prologue is a theme developed by ThemeUm developers from India. This theme is very unique and has a clean look with a minimalist design so it is easy to look at. The prologue is perfect for personal blogs because it has a self-presentation widget. theme prologue has the following features.

> Google and Bing search engines are very popular
> Responsive for all gadgets
> Has a self-presentation feature
> Equipped with Featured Gallery and video
> The Social media link feature has been installed
> Color can be changed without limit

Adler – Pixelgrade

It is the most unique WordPress theme and has a design like a diary. Adler does not have a widget facility and only focuses on portfolio blogs or personal blogs. This theme is very popular among female bloggers who want to share what they love and what they feel.

> A simple and elegant theme for blogging and photography. 
> full-screen header and full-screen featured images for every post
> The theme is simple and classy
> Responsive
> SEO Friendly

Fashionista – Atheme

Fashionista is a simple, elegant, and minimalist free theme designed by Atheme. This theme is unique in that it only focuses on 2 color backgrounds, black and white, but has been equipped with many widget options. Fashionista offers the following features.

> SEO Friendly
> Responsive
> Google fonts have been installed directly
> Has an attractive Widget Tab
> Social Media Icon
> Custom Widget

Gadgetry – ThemeFuse

For friends who have an electronic product review blog, this theme is perfect for you, this theme’s background is very supportive for electronic product review blogs, but this theme can also be used for other blogs. The most interesting thing about Gadgetry is its attractive slider feature but still friendly to RAM space. Gadgetry theme contains the following features.

> Equipped with HTML5
> Built-In Page Layout
> SEO friendly WordPress Themes
> Cool looking WordPress Themes
> Responsive
> Retina Ready

AccessPress Mag – AccessPressTheme

Under my personal assessment, this Accesspress Megazine is the freest theme with the best design. It contains pre-installed featured posts, widgets, and animations. This theme is very responsive and retina ready of course. But the drawback of this Megazine Accesspress is that it eats the memory capacity so that it can be burdensome for your blog and not suitable for friends who only rent hosting space with small capacity space. The following features are complete

> Beautiful Article Page
> Adsense Friendly
> Equipped with CSS3 Animation
> Responsive and SEO optimized Themes
> Retina Ready

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In Conclusion, We can use these Top 10 Cool WordPress Themes that listed here to increase website speed and our revenue by Responsive and SEO friendly WordPress Themes. Although these premium themes are Responsive and SEO friendly WordPress Themes, they are easily available in trial version for free.

If you love this Top 10 Cool, Responsive, and SEO friendly WordPress Themes collection and found it useful then comment us in the comment section below. Your comment is our motivation.


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